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RickMarrufo.com Blog is a wordpress blog/site where you will learn to make money online building an Internet Marketing Business.

With hundreds of videos, reports and articles on IM Tools, Internet Marketing Tips and Techniques to build an online business with little to no money out of pocket. Each tip, trick or program mentioned is designed with the newbie in mind, but are very helpful any Pro-marketer regardless of experience.

What you do with the information is entirely up-to you. You can learn, stay updated on current information and gather strategies to use on your business.

I am proud of not just the quality of information, but also the quality of recommended programs, systems and affiliate products. I only recommend products I use myself on my business.

You see here’s the thing, I love the internet lifestyle and want to help you achieve the same level of success that I have been fortunate enough to achieve for myself.

I get questions all the time asking how to set up a site really quickly. Usually these are people trying to set up their personal blog, for their own product, or for an affiliate product.

I’ve made tens of these types of sites in way less than a half hour each… saving a lot of time to work on the stuff that actually makes me money.

If you’re in a position where you need to learn the absolute FASTEST way to set up a site… You need this (free videos – no optin required)

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I’m giving you 30 videos of pure how-to… NO FLUFF.

It’s absolutely free… no salesy crap, no funny business, just straight up great content that will get you making sites in no time.

I know you’re going to enjoy these!

If you get stuck anywhere along the way, I am here to help. Here is my personal contact information:

Rick Marrufo
Skype ID: emarrufo1

I’m a real person just like you and I have a life away from the internet as well, so I’m not online 24/7, but I do check in often so never hesitate to send me a message.

Talk to you soon,
Rick Marrufo

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They are so good that I used them in my training videos while showing you how to install WordPress.

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