First Funnel Giveaway…

the MAGIC sales funnel for authors – sells ANY book (get it FREE)

If you’ve written a book, and ever wished that “SOMEONE would just sell it for you…” then you’re in luck.

My friend Russell Brunson recently sold 26,187 copies of his new book in LESS THAN a month through a new sales funnel he invented… and TODAY he’s giving it away for FREE to authors just like YOU!

He’s also giving away his supplement funnel, his high ticket coaching funnel and a bunch of other AWESOME training this week. Check out the first video in the series here:

Funnel Giveaway… Video

I just grabbed my copy of his funnels, and recommend you heading over there ASAP too before he decides to start charging for this stuff.


P.S. – when you grab your copy of his funnels, he also enters you into his “Extreme Funnel Makeover” where YOU can win a shot at him building a CUSTOM funnel for you!

Get Your Funnels AND Enter The Contest Here: Funnel Giveaway…


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