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An anarchistic free university (also anarchist free institution and free skool) is a decentralized network where skills, information, and knowledge are distributed without hierarchy or the institutional environment of formal schooling. Free university students may be individuals, children, or both. This organisational framework is particular from ones employed by democratic free institutions which allow children’s specific initiatives and learning efforts within the framework of a college democracy, and from free education where ‘traditional’ schooling is manufactured open to pupils at no cost. The open framework of free colleges is supposed to encourage self-reliance, critical awareness, and personal development. Free colleges often operate beyond your market economy and only a present current economic climate. Nevertheless, this is of the “free” of free academic institutions is not limited to economic cost, and can make reference to an focus on free talk and student-centred education.

Free colleges have their origins in the anarchist Escuela Moderna of Spain in the later 19th and early on 20th centuries. They are simply, in mind, non-institutional, non-authoritarian, and counter-cultural. Generally, they are developed at a grassroots level by several individuals performing collectively and autonomously to build educational opportunities and promote skill-sharing of their communities. For instance, the Anarchist Free Institution in Toronto was referred to as “a volunteer-run, autonomous collective offering free lessons, workshops, and lectures.”

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