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It may take me a few days to get all the links put in here . . . You are welcome to follow me as I get all this material together. You may also download everything as I post it, no need to wait until I have it all down. The sooner you get started the sooner you will see success.

Written By: Sean Mize – Presented By: Rick Marrufo (me)

Links listed below:
List of WSOs with Private Label Rights

1-Watch Me Run 10 WSOS in 10 Days for $20k

Ok, here’s the deal. The rest of the training is password protected, please CLICK HERE for access.

Why is it password protected? Well you see these training materials are so powerful and really work. I know because they work for me in my business and I know it will work for yours, too! I only want to work with serious marketers willing to learn who are willing to put in the time and effort to succeed.

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2-72 Sales Letters Swipe File
3-Watch Me Innovate a Brand New Cutting Edge Membership
4-Unlimited Lifestyle Business
5-The Truth About Traffic
6-Double Your Conversion Rates Ebook
7-How to Turn Buyers into Coaching Clients
8-drive traffic with solo ads ebook plr
9-1000 Subscribers Training
10-Viral Traffic Training – Ebook PLR
11-From Fantasy to Reality
12-How to Create a Product Funnel In a Month – ebook plr
13-2016 Business Model
14-Reverse Funnel Training Program – PLR
15-Membership Sales Letter Template
16-4 Step by Step System
17-Weekly Training Call Business Model Training Call
18-Starter Package – Weekly Live Call
19-Watch Me Write 12 Week Product Launch Sequences
20-2015 WSO Singles Resale Rights
21-Banish Distraction and Fear of Failure Forever
22-30 Days to Sales Funnel Overview
23-Time Management SuperCharged
24-$10 Million Business Model
25-10k Business Model
26-Viral Growth Repurpose Rights
27-The Secrets to Viral Growth
28-How to Create a Kindle From Recordings or Dictations
29-20 WSOS New
30-Sample of a Blueprint for Going From $5k/$10k to $20k or more
31-Watch Me Generate $60k on the Warrior Network in the Next 30 Days
32-Warrior Network Case Study
33-Watch Me Start a Brand New Non-Im Niche Final Day
34-A to Z Advanced Complete InfoBusiness Training Program
35-Case Study – Complete Free Plus Shipping Offer and Sales Funnel Demonstration
36-3 Success Trainings Plus Blueprint Call Plus Blueprint Mindmap
37-Advanced Info System
38-Complete Info System
39-7 Day Info Business – How to Build a Credible InfoBusiness Fast
40-Million Person Business Advanced Training – With Recordings of Live Calls
41-Get 500 Subscribers in the Self-Help/Personal Transformation Niches
42-Starter Package for Creating Your Own Non-IM Niche Business
43-Intro Training – Million Dollar Business Model
44-Emotional Marketing
45-RT Mastermind Package
46-Coaching Program in a Box
47-Create Products With Teleseminars
48-Unlimited Buyer Traffic
49-Advanced Email Campaign Optimization
50-7 low ticket sales letters
51-200k Low Ticket Business Model
52-Anatomy of a $200k Year With Low Ticket Sales
53-High Value Optimization Sales Funnel
54-High Volume Content
55-High Ticket Business Model
56-Product Launch Email Campaign
57-70 Sales Letters
58-WSO Sales Letters
59-My formula for Dominating the Warrior Forum
60-Simple Sales Letter Template and Video
61-7 WSOS in 1
62-Presence-Based Business
63-PLR to 10 Pak
64-68k in 57 Days
65-How to Choose a Niche Advanced With PLR
66-PLR Advanced Funnel Training
67-Upsell Funnel Training
68-Email Mastery Training
69-Sell Consulting
70-90 Day Email Campaign
71-21 Day Email Campaign Plus Training
72-How to Create a Product in 2 Hours of Less
73-WSOOTD Formula
74-7 Traffic Sources
75-Youtube Traffic and Conversion
76-5 More Trainings
78-Watch Sean Mize Write 9 Emails
79-Facebook Conversion Training
80-MRR to Sales Funnel Mastery
81-Coaching Program Lessons
82-139 Additional Emails
83-Fill-In-the-Blanks Video Sales Letter Template in Word, Pages, Keynote, and Powerpoint
84-coaching program sales letter
85-How Create Dozens of Products In Your Sales Funnel
86-How to Start a Coaching Program in 7 Days
87-coaching program lessons you can use in your coaching program
88-How to Easily Write a Sales Letter That Converts and Connects
89-How to Create a Personalized Blueprint For Your Business
90-Coaching Program Training Audio
91-The WSO Master Report Download Page

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Rick Marrufo, Thank you.


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