Ok, that second wso is doing well . . .we are up to about $4700 for 3 days so far:

Key driver on that one was initially a big affiliate mailed and got a decent response

then I mailed last night right when the clock changed at warrior plus and hit #2 for the day early:


So now that there are a couple there and you can see results, I’ll start sharing some strategy.

By the way, I’ve had some folks gripe that I wasn’t teaching enough here, that they could just see the stats for free anyhow online . . .

they can’t (the $$ come from my account)

and I’m not teaching HOW to launch a wso here . . .but as promised will give you the strategy for why the wsos I run . . .

Anyhow, I refunded complainers and removed them from the list; now I will start to share strategy (and you’ll see more of it play out as the wsos roll on)

The first wso of course was the intro to this . . .the starter. The idea came from the fact that “watch me” wsos tend to do very well for me – and hardly anyone else does them. I don’t usually do them because logging in each day (and you always get gripers that things don’t move fast enough) is weary-ing –

But . . .I thought this would be a great teaching tool.

So why the topic of the 2nd one?

Well, use offers (like use my content to create yours) do very well but I have stopped selling plr and thought I was out of ways to package use . . and a few days ago I came across a whole bunch of stuff I had written that I had never used (and at this rate, never would!) so considered it would give this whole “watch me” a great bit of depth as you could see a really unique offer –

and see it do well at a higher price (as you know, most wsos start at $7 or lower and rise . . .this one started at about $16.61 I think – so the average ticket is higher which makes it exciting to affiliates.

Plus am doing a $1000 top prize bonus – which of course is paid for out of the wso, nothing out of my pocket

I’ll add a screen shot later and talk more about bonuses but got to run, I’m about out of time (taking my wife to see some music from a friend tonight)

Thank you,
Rick Marrufo, Thank you.

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