Due to timing of these wsos (I’ll explain in a sec) I’m obviously holding off before the next wso.

Here are my results with just these 2 right now:

You may know I’m simultaneously building a new membership while doing this, and frankly speaking, it’s taking more of my time (and emotional energy) than I had intended –

The reason is that due to a snag with the current all-in-one company I use (against my best and wisest advice) some payments stopped processing – and of course you can’t run a company if all payments won’t process. So have had to switch processors and that means reconfiguring the connections between processor and membership software – and I’m rebuilding some things from the bottom up.

Anyhow, I want to launch that before the next wso, because wsos lower list responsiveness – so hoping to get the membership out tomorrow, then start back on the wsos by maybe Thursday 0-

and then be REAL aggressive!

Thank you,
Rick Marrufo, Thank you.

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