So now with just 2 wsos we are up to about $6900

Now, candid admission: yesterday was a loopy day for me . . .you ever just sit and loop and wonder what to work on and get nothing done?

That’s kind of how my day was – except I DID coach a client for 115 minutes

And wrote an email that generated about 20-25 conversations

And wrote sales copy for my new membership that’s coming soon

Thought about running the next wso, but it would have interfered with the membership promotion I’m doing –

so might be another day before I run the next wso, but am hoping that with these 2, we’ll get to about $8k, leaving only $12k to go with 8 more wsos!

So the pressure comes down!

And one of the next ones should be another whopper!

Hope you are learning a bit and getting inspired ????

Thank you,
Rick Marrufo, Thank you.

Before you move on with day 5, here is day 4 continued.

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