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The inspiration for this wso came from the discussion I’ve had recently with clients about having such a struggle to know what to put in their sales funnel, and how to write their sales letters – so had an idea in the morning about creating that simultaneously with creating a new funnel I was creating anyhow, and that birthed the idea, so that afternoon I created that offer.

6th WSO: 75 WSOS with Private Label Rights

The idea for the wso is that I have decided I want to stop chasing wso sales in the name of helping people who are stuck in the wso cycle, because it’s holding me back from generating larger sales from the general marketplace, which will allow nearly unlimited access to leads (like 100,000 visits a day) which isn’t possible at the warrior forum –

Screenshot of stats so far:

Day 7

Sales After 6 WSOS (YAY!! $22,200 in sales

I hope this is helping YOU see the big picture and get some ideas!

P.S I want to see YOU succeed! Surely this has motivated you so far, and if you are in my membership, my call on Tuesday rocked your world, here’s an excerpt from the live training call: excerpt from live training call this week in membership

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