Congratulations for choosing to watch me run 10 wsos in 10 days for $20k.

Written By: Sean Mize

That’s the goal, anyhow!

And you’ll get to see the revenue stats right along.

Now, instead of creating a different pdf for each day, like I’m doing for the Watch Me Membership Training – since this is more image intensive – I’m going to simply log it all right here on this page, so come back each day to see what’s happening!

It’s taking a little longer than 10 days because I launched a new membership at the same time, but hopefully you are learning tons . . scroll to near the bottom to see the latest day!

Here is the audio file “Watch Me Run 10 WSOS in 10 Days for $20k” Click to listen or download it here.

To your success,

I’ll add as I go:

Day 1: starting point, 8-17:

10 Days Start

And the stats will start with this wso, and you can see the few sales that have been made so far:

10 Day First Sales

I may not add anything till tomorrow . .

Well tomorrow is here, so day 1 results:

10 Day Day 1

and cumulative results so far:

10 Day Day 1 Com

I’ll update as we go


As sometimes happens when doing something new and especially something aggressive – there was a snafu yesterday –

Warrior Plus was down right when 2 big affiliates had mailings out, and during my most productive time of the day – when I would normally load the next wso in –

So instead of pouting ???? I went to work on another project and got so totally engrossed (for those of you watching the membership I’m building simultaneously, you know what I did)

that I didn’t get back to Warrior Plus to create another wso

and now it’s Friday . . and not so sure I’m motivated to run another one today, especially since releasing it will kill some momentum with my list that I’m building . .

so I’m considering pausing this until late Monday or Tuesday, and then hit it hard then – and of course you’ll still see 10 wsos – but the time frame will be stretched a little –

Anyhow, this is the result so far on the first one:

10 Day Day 1 Final

A little less than the $2k average needed to hit $20k . . . but with the W+ outage – and knowing what’s coming up in the other 9 – I’m not worried ????

Also, want you to see inside, like I promised on the sales promotion for this ????

10 Day Day 1 WSO Inside

So this will be the general pattern with this –

I’ll show you the wso, I’ll show you the stats, and I’ll show you inside.

Plus, I’ll be telling you the strategy for why I launch each wso as I do . . . of course so far, it’s obvious – the first one to release is the one where you get to watch!

Also I had a question from someone enrolled – how do I choose between the warrior forum payments and warrior plus –

Answer: a little history: they used to be one and the same, but then the Forum was sold to someone else – but the Warrior Plus payments stayed the same – and so did the affiliate network, so it’s strong.

In my opinion, the Forum hasn’t done a good job of building a new affiliate network, so I think traction is really low.

So as you can see, I run mine on my sales page on my website, using Warrior Plus for the affiliate side.

but if you are brand new and starting from scratch, I would post your wso in the Forum, but use Warrior Plus to handle the payments (so you get access to their affiliate network)

Thank You,
Rick Marrufo, Thank you.

Continue With Day 2 – Here


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